Full Body LED Light Therapy Beds

Photobiomodulation Beds for the Whole Body

Full Body LED Light Therapy

“You have the best LED light therapy technology” Dr. Penny

ARRC LED is a Global Leader in Full Body LED Light Therapy. The ARRC’s, ATP and ATP RF, Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery Chambers offer Programmable Wavelengths, Programmable Pulse, MultiVariate Pulse, Condition Specific Pulsing Protocols, and the soon to be released Patent Pending ATP RF designed for medical facilities. ATP is a 220V 5000 Watt machine of extraordinary irradiance, with up to power in the range of 90 mW/cm2 and more important average power PER LED, in the 40mW/cm2 range. This irradiance includes 5 separate wavelengths with each individual LED within the maximum performance zone. ATP is the most powerful, technologically advanced LED Light Therapy System on the planet…period. More important, the energies in the system fall within the 40 - 60 mw/cm2 performance zone recommended by Dr Hamblin. Call us at 855.502.2772 with questions.

Comparing Systems You’ll see comparisons on other websites quoting the total number of LED’s or ‘Up To’ irradiance which is a measure of 1 LED at the closest point to the body. This is deceptive information. What you want to know is (1) What is the average irradiance between the canopy and bench? (2) Does the system pulse? (3) Can you control the pulse? (4) Can you control the wavelength (5) Can you adjust the canopy distance to the body - distance is a key factor in determining dose? (5) What is the warranty? (6) Can the system be upgraded as technology changes, because it will? With ARRC, you have full trade up options.

Bigger is Not Better! Per Dr. Hamblin the optimum dose in LED Light Therapy is 40 - 60mw/cm2. ARRC LED ATP system is dose optimized to fit safely and effectively within the optimal energy intensity for both the canopy and bench. We actually turned the system power down to stay within the safety zone because we realize that bigger is not better. When companies quote irradiances of 70 and 80 mw/cm2 ask why. Too much energy diminishes returns trading shorter treatment times for more adverse reactions. You wouldnt take 10 Ibuprofins for a headache and you wouldn’t swat a gnat with a sledgehammer.

ARRC System performance based owners include NFL franchises, Premier Soccer, Collegiate sports teams and recovery centers worldwide. Leaders of countries, CEO’s, MD’s, DC’s,, Alternative wellness centers and spas own and succeed using ARRC LED LIght Therapy systems. When you own the ARRC LED, you are in great company.

Multiple System Options ARRC LED presents LED Light Therapy beds that range from the affordable EDGE ONE to the performance based ATP to the medical grade ATP RF. ARRC LED is developing two new portable systems. With the ARRC LED your ownership experience allows you to trade in or trade up.

What this means is that you can build your LED light therapy business first with less expensive investments into technology and as your practice groes trade up into the latest and most dynamic LED Light Therapy technology.

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You Just Get Better

Whole Body Photobiomodulation (LED Light) Therapy is a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. This non invasive therapy simultaneously affects Wellness, Cognition, Aesthetics and Performance. You just get better!

The positive cellular actions of detoxication, improved circulation, improved mitochondrial function (energy) coupled with an overall reduction in inflammation send a cascade of activities downstream that may benefit the tissues, organs and systems of the body. According to Harvard researcher Dr Hamblin, nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body benefits from the reactions triggered by the right light at the right wavelength in the right intensity.

Wellness Benefits from photobiomodulation reseach

The evidence on LED Light Therapy is supported in over 4000 clinical trials and 500 RCT’s is clear. The research suggests:

Wellness Benefits may accrue from minor aches and pains to root cause healing of deep seated health conditions.

Cognitive Benefits have been shown with TBI, CTE’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons disease and more.

Aesthetic Benefits Like a facial for the entire body, increases in Collagen thickness and Elastin tightening may improve skintone for face and body.

Performance Benefits for athletes may include improvement in Strength, Speed, Endurance and it is shown to provide a Protective function against mechanical injuries that may occur in competition, speeding recovery time.

GT metrix 1.jpg

PBM works and it works big. The research is clear.

The benefits reach nearly every condition with positive benefits and little to no side effects.

The challenge for an owner is what system is the best choice. The market will get crowded and choices will often boil down to who has a better sales pitch or invests the most into advertising. In our view, that is not the right criteria.

At the ARRC LED we love to hear how users are benefitting, and we will always strive to create Better. As innovation leads to higher efficacies, we will study, create and then introduce that new system to the market… offering owners the ability to to trade up to the latest system. Obsolescence is avoided!

We want for you to always have the choice and option to have the best of the best in the industry and the latest in technology and innovation through our trade in / up system.

In 2019 alone we are adding two revolutionary systems to called ATP - RF and ATP PRO that will create a new standard for care. Owners who invest into ATP will have the option to upgrade. The lights… are as good as they are going to get over the next 4 - 6 years. Its the treatment combinations that will advance PBM.

ATP is already called the ‘best of the bunch’ by several professional teams, corporate execs, medical doctors and even a few world leaders. If its good enough for them we think you’ll like it also!.

ATP’s new patent pending medical version ATP RF, will again be a game changer in the field of Full Body LED Light Therapy and Energy Medicine.

Innovation is inspired by passion. The ARRC LED is propelled by the passions of our owners to take LED Light Therapy to the next… and again next level.

We invite you to Join us!


Questions? Call us at 855.502.2772


 Understanding Photobiomodulation (PBM)

Cellular Benefits PBMT LED Light Therapy

It all starts in the cell

The building block for every tissue, organ and system in the body is the cell. If we can improve the health, energy and function of the cell, then it follows that the cellular benefits cascade down into and benefit the tissues, organs and systems. Everything from the skin to organ seems to improve.

An additional phenomena is that the light and body seem to know and help the areas in the body that most need treatment. A common report from users is that their old injuries start to ‘buzz’. Light is proving to be adaptogenic.

Research identifies 4 main cellular benefits:

(1) Detoxification of Waste and Free Radicals

(2) Increase in Circulation and Nutrient Transfer

(3) Systemic Reduction in Inflammation

(4) Improvement in Mitochondrial Function

The beauty of this is that it happens simultaneously. Your objective might be to reduce knee pain, and after a few sesssions your knee improves. You also might find that while the knee feels better, the dry spots on your skin are soft again, your hair is getting thicker and your workouts are getting stronger with less soreness while you’re sleeping better.

The beauty of a full body led light therapy chamber is that it creates the foundation for health throughout the entire body. Benefits have been shown to accrue from health and wellness to aesthetics, cognition and performance.

Feel, Think, Look and Perform… You just get Better.

LED Light Therapy PBMT benefits Body

Cellular Benefits Cascade throughout body

Light is an essential nutrient. The benefits to the cells cascade down into and affect nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body [1]. This is a substantial statement because it means that perhaps this therapy can treat many conditions.

The FDA allows for the claim of relief from minor aches and pains. ARRC LED makes no other claims. Any medical condition should be treated under a doctor’s supervision.

The data points below support a research based hypothesis that light therapy may have a root cause influence on a broad range of conditions. These are not claims by ARRC LED, but rather reference points to research.

Autoimmune Diseases: Diabetes [3]; Arthritis [4]; Fibromyalgia [5]; Cancer [6]; Stroke [7] Parkinsons Disease [8]; Alzheimers Disease [9]

Cognitive Benefits: TBI [13]; CTE [14]; Dementia [15]

Aesthetic Benefits: Increased Collagen/Elastin [10]; Hyperpigmentation [11]; Hair [12]

Performance Benefits: Strength [18 - 20]; Speed [18 - 20]; Endurance [18 - 20]; Recovery [18 - 20]; Preconditioning [21]

The cellular benefits of photobiomodulation simultaneously affect the entire body / mind. LED Light Therapy helps people Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better.

AntiAging and PBMT LED Light Therapy

Mitochondria, Aging and PBM

Mitochondria are the motors in the body that produce ATP. ATP is the fuel that cells use to thrive.

A current theory on aging suggests that as we age, the mitochondria become damaged by free radicals and toxicity. Photobiomodulation has been shown to slow, halt and even reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction and improve production of ATP. This improves cellular energy and slows cell death.

Research shows that the right light in the right dose can improve mitochondrial function and even take small damaged mitchondrial organelles and merge them into ‘Giant Mitochondria.’

This regeneration process might be represented by the following analogy. As a car ages the mileage is often an indicator of how long a motor will last. More miles and that motor is more likely to break down and eventually fail.

PBMt’s ability to create ‘Giant Mitochondria’ is kind of like taking a worn out 4 cylinder motor and replacing it with a new V8. Imagine doing this throughout your body.

Imagine a lifestyle where PBMt is consumed like vitamins, exercise and even food. Could PBMt slow, halt and even reverse the aging process?

Companies are racing to create a pill that can improve mitochondrial function. Photobiomodulation does this now.

Whole Body LED Light Therapy Chamber with User

The human body may have 1600+ square cm of surface area that shifts, moves and breathes. A full body led light therapy chamber allows the system to still that movement and focus.

Dose might be best in a range of 40 - 60 mW/cm2 in irradiance. If the energy is too high (above 90) the intensity can minimize benefits and even damage the cells. Too low (below 4) and there are no benefits. We can change irradiance as much as 100% by moving the LEDs 1/2 inch closer to or further away from the body. What this means is dose is as dependent on the quality of the LED engineering as it is on distance to or from them. Dose is dependent on distance.

A full body chamber creates a controllable, measurable distance to the body on the bench as well as a predictable distance on the canopy. In a chamber we can focus the LEDs and precisely deliver the dose in ways that are not possible with portable wall units as the body is fixed at the focal point.

LED Light Therapy for Healthy People

Photobiomodulation for Healthy People

Athletes who break their own personal best records with light therapy have performance as a measurable benchmark. People suffering from pain or illness have the reduction of pain or illness as a benchmark. In both cases, light is triggering cellular changes that cascade down into and change the tissues, organs and systems which improves how their bodies are performing.

Healthy users may not have measurable or noticeable benchmarks after treatments. What does happen is a preservation of the health of each cell. Through detoxification and improved mitochondrial function the cells remain young, clean and energized. The aging process related to slowing, halting and reversing mitochondrial function may similarly be slowed, halted and reversed.

Healthy People Get Better… and they Stay Better… Longer!

LED-or-Lasers light therapy bed

Led or Laser?

Studies have shown that LASERS and LED’s can have similar effects depending on the intensity. Lasers may be more effective for invasive procedures designed to cut or burn and they can be more effective in relieving deeper joint pain.

LED’s are non-invasive (do not cut or burn) but researchers suggest that the right dose can have similar benefits without the invasive injuries. Think of the LED as having broad systemic benefits, while the laser pinpoints pain and injuries.

ATP is a full body LED Light Therapy chamber that pushes extraordinary levels of photons into the body to affect positive changes throughout the entire body. Nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body is affected.

The power of ATP to penetrate deeper into the body may improve deep seated joint pain and accelerate recovery from injuries. The broad application of the whole body system may create any combination of benefits. In 2019, ARRC LED is performing multiple clinical trials to quantify the pain, recovery and performance enhancing benefits of the ATP chamber.

Multiwave LED Light Therapy photobiomodulation bed

Targeting with Multiple Wavelengths

Like a multivitamin supplement, different wavelengths may trigger different reactions in the cells. Red may be better at triggering detoxication, circulation and energy within the skin, while near infrared may trigger similar reactions deeper inside the body. Green might better stimulate positive changes in the hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin and thus improve not only the quantity of circulation but the quality of blood circulating. Understanding the effects of each wavelength can help system designers target treatment outcomes for certain populations.

The benefit of multiple wavelengths may lie in applying multiple healing signatures. We believe that research will begin to link a powerful epigenetic affect that extends beyond the simple activation of chromophores in the mitochondria. It may be discovered that light transfers information directly to the ‘junk DNA’ strands which are read by this DNA and transmitted throughout the entire body for coding.

If this theory proves out to be correct, then photobiomodulation may in the near future present condition specific protocols based on the precise wavelength and pulsing combinations presented to the body. It may mean we can specifically target a single disease with light and pulse.

And yes, the ARRC LED is working on this now!

Photobiomodulation PBMT dose LED Light Therapy

Optimum Dose

Irradiance, or the intensity of light on the body multiplied by time equals the dose. The term for dose in PBM is a Joule.

According to Dr Hamblin the human body may respond well to a dose as high as 100,000 Joules. The ARRC LED ATP, depending on the size of the body in the chamber could deliver approximately 100,000 Joules in 20 Minutes.

This is a huge amount of energy. Health stimulating photons in multiple wavelengths are absorbed by the body to detoxify waste, circulate nutrients, reduce inflammation and improve energy production.

You just get better!

LED Light Therapy Essential Nutrient

Why Whole Body Photobiomodulation

The objective of whole body PBM then is to create systemic benefits of detoxification, improved circulation and improved energy throughout the entire body. The more bio-available photons we can deliver within the correct parameters of dose and pulse, the greater the cumulative effect on the body.

Changing the health of the cells changes the health of nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body. The effects may not be as immediate as a laser, but the long-term benefits of gradual and systemic cellular changes throughout the entire body can be profound. In short, the body needs the right light in the right intensity.

Whole body PBMt is like an essential nutrient that we are getting less and less of. ATP delivers the optimal dose of this ‘essential nutrient’ in the form of a bioavailable multivitamin that helps people Feel , Think, Look and Perform… Better!

understanding-Light-LED Light Therapy bed

Different light wavelengths and intensities can create different outcomes in the body. If we know the wavelength and intensity, then we should be able to direct the system to create predictable reactions in the body.

In this section we offer a high level explanation of the physics of light as applied to our systems.

ARRC LED chooses 5 specific wavelengths of light that are delivered in programmable sequences to the user during session. 3 wavelengths fall within the visible spectrum and two fall in the near infrared or invisible spectrum of light.

The energetic intensities of ATP are robust. Average power across the top and bottom focal points on the chamber is 42mw/cm2 with ‘up to’ irradiances as high as 88 mw/cm2.

This energy is exactly where we want to be. It is powerful enough to penetrate deep into the body but not so powerful that it damages the cells. In light therapy more is not better.

ATP is synonymous with energy and the ATP system is the new benchmark in powerful yet perfected dose and delivery. More would be too much. Less is simply less. ATP is the perfect combination of world class LED’s, technology leading engineering, in store aesthetic appeal and most important efficacy. ATP works. You just get better. Your clients just get better.