In Q2 of 2019 the ARRC LED will introduce its new Full Body LED Light Therapy Bed - ATP for Clinical Trials in 3 locations.

ARRC LED’s whole body LED light therapy bed, ATP and it’s effect on Psychology, Pain and Performance will go on the examining table in 2019.

PHOTOBIOMODULAITON RESEARCH - MOOD. In Southern CA Dr. Monaughan will be reseaching how the ARRC LED whole body Photobiomodulation Bed affects mood via its energy producing and pain relieving benefits. Specifically photobiomodulation for veterans with PTSD as well as specific diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes and Fibromyalgia will be targetted. If you are suffering from Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or PTSD and would like to enroll in the study please contact Mike at 855.502.2772.

PHOTOBIOMODULATION RESEARCH - ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE In West Virginia Dr. Hagen is investigating how a whole body photobiomodulation bed affects athletic performance. This is a closed study

PHOTOBIOMODULATION RESEARCH - PAIN In late summer the ATP whole body photobiomodulation bed will be studied for its effects on pain at a chiropractic location in Northern New Jersey.

ATP Full Body LED Light Therapy

ATP Is a high dose, programmable whole body, pulsed, multiwave system.

ATP will test a number of factors in 3 clinical trials with controlled wavelengths and treatment protocols that follow Institutional Review Board regulatory guidelines.

The locations will be in the Los Angeles, West Virginia and Northern New Jersey markets.

Please contact if you live in these areas and would like to participate in the studies. Our intention is to study how POLYCHROMATIC vs Red/NIR affects several conditions including arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy, as well as athletic performance.



  • Do you live in the Los Angeles, Northern New Jersey or West Virginia regions?

  • If you do - would you like to participate in 90 day clinical trials on whole body photobiomodulation?

  • Start date for research Subjects is approximately April 25, 2019 in West Virginia, May 15, 2019 for Northern New Jersey and June 15 for Southern California.

  • For information on the upcoming clinical trials please email In your email include Clinical Trials.

  • These will be published studies with reference to the facility in the publication, no personal identifiers will be kept (your personal medical history will remain anonymous).

  • Participants must follow protocols as defined by the Institutional Review Board.

  • Data will be collected over 90 days for pain relief in each of the 5 treatment issues.