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Full Body LED Light Therapy has been shown in 1000’s of clinical trials and hundreds of RCT’s to postively benefit the cells which reach into nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body. Peiople Feel, Think, Look and Perform… Better! Research Suggests:

Wellness Benefits may accrue from minor aches and pains to root cause healing of conditions.

Cognitive Benefits have been shown with TBI, CTE’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons disease and more.

Aesthetic Benefits Like a facial for the entire body, increases in Collagen and Elastin may improve skintone.

Performance Benefits for athletes may include improvement in Strength, Speed, Endurance and provide a protective function against mechanical injuries that may occur in competition.

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PBM starts in the Cells!

The building block for every tissue, organ and system in the body is the cell. If we can improve the health, energy and function of the cell, then it follows that the cellular benefits cascade down into and benefit the tissues, organs and systems.

Research identifies 4 main cellular benefits:

(1) Detoxification of Waste and Free Radicals

(2) Increase in Circulation

(3) Reduction in Inflammation

(4) Improvement in Mitochondrial Function


Why Whole Body LED Light Therapy?

Dose in light therapy is energy times time which we discuss below. Energy is a function of the power of the light on the skin which in turn relies on the power of the LED and the distance from the LED to the body. The peak irradiance of an LED at ½’ away from the skin is typically four times more powerful than and LED at 1”.
Yes, 1/2 inch can mean a 400% change in power. You get 400% more power in that extra ½ inch of distance to the skin. That is a huge fluctuation and it can be the difference between stimulating cellular growth and overdosing the cells to the point where all benefits fall off. The human body laying on a flat bench is a predictable distance away from the LED. It allows manufacturers to focus the beam of the LED in such a way that creates the perfect dose and spreads the average power evenly across the back. Dose is now predictable because distance to the skin is predictable.


ATP and the Edge

Root cause state primary benefits as they cascade down into tissues organ systems. Photobiomodulation is a tier that describes how photons of light create positive changes in the cells.