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Feedback on Full Body LED Light Therapy from the EDGE and ATP

Imagine…. your back has been sore as you pinched a nerve in your last big workout. Now in your 50’s the workouts seem to get harder, the aches and pains larger and the recovery takes longer. So you try this full body led LIGHT THERAPY bed called ATP. After the test session you notice your back pain went from a 7 to a 2. Great you think. When you’re hiking in the mountains the next day you notice that the old foot and knee injury feels better. “Hmm, nice! - wasn’t expecting it to work that fast, but why not? Thirty years of walking with a limp after hard workouts, and its gone…wow."” After your second session, your back pain is completely gone and the foot and knee injury that bothered you since college is almost non existent. Your next work out is not only incredible, but you are ready to go again, when normally you’re done for the day. The old leg muscles dont seem to tire as quickly on the hike and you go higher up into the mountain than ever. After two weeks you start to notice that the grey hair is turning back to its original color and those wrinkles around your eyes are getting softer. The hard flakey skin from the California desert sun on your forehead is gone. After 10 sessions you notice that you are sleeping more soundly and for some reason your alergies have faded. You Feel, Think Look and Perform… Better. This is my story, and it is common.

Joe from Boston is 62 years old and worked as an electrician his whole life. Joe said to us, ‘if I can touch my fingers together after this session (his first using the ATP prototype) then I know this worked. Joe exited the bed after 15 minutes and started snapping his fingers. “Oh my god, it works!” The next day we see Joe for another session and he told me that in the hotel room that night he noticed that he had crossed his ankles over his knee while he was watching TV. He was surprised when he looked down and saw this as he had two knee surgeries and wasnt able to do this - for years. One session and he is doing things that once stopped him.

Kellie Brown owns two EDGE POLY systems. After about 18 months in business she told me she had her best month, offering 850 sessions to her clients. Not only that she was invited to speak with Dr.’s at her local hospital on how the bed was releasing concussive trauma and how important she felt it was that her local college football team use this to help the athletes protect themselves against CTE’s. Kellie treats every kind of patient in her facility, from spinal chord injury to elite athletes.

Mark Rise in Colorado traded in his EDGE POLY system for the new more powerful ATP syhstem. Mark has a pain relief clinic and his older patients had a hard time laying in the EDGE POLY for 25 minutes. Mark’s clients are astonished at the benefits of ATP. In 30 days he is running his bed non stop booking 20 - 25 clients every day. “my regulars are committed to this, they are seeing pain relief benefits in 5 minutes and they are enrolling into longer packages. I am going to need another bed :).”

ARRC LED’s Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery Chambers are considered the most advanced Full Body LED Light Therapy beds on the planet.

This is our mission. We strive for extraordinary, push the boundaries and present multiple solutions for multiple client needs. Categorizing and presenting photobiomodulation research in consumable, simplified chunks is important to better understand how LED Light Therapy Beds serve the needs of multiple population verticals. Beyond fostering understanding, our mission is to create Light Therapy Beds that effectively serve diverse needs of multiple markets, users and demographics. ARRC LED’s whole body led light therapy pods range from affordably priced to best in class, from broad service application to patent pending systems that just might change how doctors treat their patients.

You are important, Your needs are important. Our mission is to meet your diverse needs with specialized light therapy beds and innovative product offerings.

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ATP is a powerful Whole Body LED Light Therapy Bed with programmable, multipulse variates and multiwave selections. ATP is called ‘Best New Technology’ for Red NIR LED Light Therapy Beds or Whole Body PhotoBioModulation therapy pods by both the medical and professional sports communities.

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EDGE ONE is a more powerful version of our original Full Body LED Light Therapy Bed - EDGE POLY. This entree level system delivers extraordinary irradiance in an affordable 110 volt non thermal system. EDGE ONE is an affordable and effective choice for owners who want measurable results for an affordable price.

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ATP-RF (medical)

ATP RF is a high energy, patent pending pre-programmed, condition specific multivariate pulsed Red, Green & NIR LED Whole Body Light Therapy Bed designed for Medical applications of PBMt.

Coming Early Q3, 2019



The ARRC LED ATP Pro system is a high energy Whole Body LED Light Therapy system that professional athletes can take on the road with them to pre-load (precondition) for competition.

Coming Q3 2019