The nation’s purest depository of controlled clinical research, PUBMED posts over 3000 studies and 500 Review Clinical Trials proving that full body led light therapy or PBMT helps people Feel, Think, Look and Perform… Better.The ARRC LED’s team of advisors includes Dr Michael Hamblin, arguably the leading researcher on photobiomodulation and frequently cited as an author of the above studies. Once we set the parameters of the system, we engage phd level electrical, software and optical engineering consultants.Photobiomodulation is a new and incredibly exciting technology. The ARRC LED is always striving to innovate to the latest research and provide that innovation not only to new customers but to keep our existing owners up to date and free from obsolescence.
Why is this scientific approach so important?
First, as an owner, you want a system that presents the right amount of energy (neither too little or too much) delivered with the right wavelengths in the right frequencies at the right distances to the cells. In light therapy, bigger is not better. You want the right dose. You need the right energies. The outer boundaries of PBMT will prove to cycle between effective and ineffective for both different people and different treatment conditions. The outer boundaries might be labeled with up to energies in the 80’s or even 100mW/cm2 which means it works for some people and some conditions but is too much energy for others. What we want is a system that is effective for most or all people, not just some. Second, in light therapy LED efficiency is broken into heat and light. The more efficient the LED, the more powerful the light and the lower the heat. ATP enlists the planet’s top LED producer and engages phd level optical and electrical engineers to drive those LED’s to efficiency. This improves light power in the cells while reducing thermal download. ATP is our super powerful system, delivering powerful levels of irradiance that push photons deep into the body in 15 minutes or less. ATP can be operated with or without a pulse and offers owners wavelength protocols to better target their client’s presenting issues. EDGE POLY is a gentler non- thermal system designed more for a spa setting.