Dose in light therapy is energy times time which we discuss below. Energy is a function of the power of the light on the skin which in turn relies on the power of the LED and the distance from the LED to the body. The peak irradiance of an LED at ½’ away from the skin is typically four times more powerful than and LED at 1”.
Yes, 1/2 inch can mean a 400% change in power. You get 400% more power in that extra ½ inch of distance to the skin. That is a huge fluctuation and it can be the difference between stimulating cellular growth and overdosing the cells to the point where all benefits fall off. The human body laying on a flat bench is a predictable distance away from the LED. It allows manufacturers to focus the beam of the LED in such a way that creates the perfect dose and spreads the average power evenly across the back. Dose is now predictable because distance to the skin is predictable. The top of the bench is more challenging as people have different thicknesses and contours and the canopy will not typically touch the body. The canopy for ATP uses super powerful LED’s that are calibrated to account for the increased distances to the body and deliver a predictable dose. The canopy for instance can close down further for a smaller person and open wider for a larger person. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Too much energy and the positive benefits start to reverse. Too little energy and the benefits do not accrue. A whole body LED Light Therapy chamber that is well designed accounts for the optimum dose on both the bench and the canopy. This means that treatments are more effective. It means that time in the chamber is better utilized both for the owner of the system and for the user. Standing against panels on a wall for instance means that the body will likely move. This back and forth movement will change the focal point and the dose, easily by as much as 100 – 400%. One would literally have to understand the exact dose required, at the distance to the LED and use a ruler to measure the body to LED distance and then stand perfectly still for 5 – 8 minutes to get the right stimulatory dose. We are frequently asked what the difference is between wall panels and a fixed chamber. Wall panels can be a great and inexpensive way to push photons into the body. The trade off in expense is that the dose is highly irregular. Imagine taking 10 ibuprofens or two. Full body chambers are much more costly which limits in home use, but much more calculated in their ability to deliver predictable dose.