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The high level benefits of LED Light Therapy or PBMT include (1) reducing inflammation (the root cause of most diseases), (2) detoxifying the cells of waste and free radicals, (3) slow, halt or reverse mitochondrial disfunction (key factor in aging) and improving circulation. Whole body photobiomodulation chambers load the body with photons that can trigger these cellular reactions in nearly every cell in the body. These cellular changes cascade down and create positive cellular benefits into nearly every tissue organ and system in the body. PBM is generally free of side effects and the FDA has allowed for it to maintain an exempt, OTC status for minor aches and pains. ATP is an FDA registered device built in an ISO 9001 facility under the strictest production standards. People report that they Feel, Think, Look and Perform… Better. We believe Whole Body Photobiomodulation or LED Light Therapy to be a key component in improving quality of life for both healthy and health challenged people alike. “With Cryotherapy my clients are getting better, with the EDGE they are getting better” C Smith Chillzone Cryo